Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our first few days with Pierce

Fair warning - this post is going to have a TON of pictures. I can't get enough of our sweet little Pierce. She's full of energy for about 10 minutes and then falls back asleep, it must be tiring being a puppy. 

Around the House

Pierce spends about 75-80% of her time sleeping. When she plays she's so much fun; pouncing at toys, playing fetch, running around, but when she sleeps she just oh so cute. That's really the only time you can photograph her though. Otherwise she's just a blur. We're spending a lot of time with her in the house getting her potty trained and sleep/crate training, really getting to enjoy this stage.

Watching TV

Her favorite place to sleep while I'm working (don't mind the wires)

I love when she falls asleep on me

Big paws - she will be a big girl

She loves crawling into tight spaces - but she probably won't fit for long!

Not wanting to wake up

Visiting the Center

On Saturday we took Pierce to visit the Penn Vet Center and she had a blast! Running around and trying out each of the agility obstacles. She's already mastered climbing through or under everything. They have a ton of different terrain set up to get the pups used to walking on uneven or unusual ground. The only one Pierce really showed an interest in was the slide, which was hilarious. She was slipping all over the place.

Uhhh this is slippery

Climbing through the tubes

Meeting the Family

We spent all of Sunday with my family celebrating my mom's birthday, and they all got to meet Pierce. Zoe decided she was the babysitter and demanded $500 for her services :-) Always love a visit with my family and I'm so glad they loved Pierce! We set up a baby pool for her and she was going buck wild. I was enjoying the show way to much to take pictures or video.

Snuggling with Rosie

Squishy face

With the birthday girl!

Having so much fun

Pierce tends to pull on fabric and Zoe almost lost her skirt

Pierce present

Sorry I'm not sorry for the picture overload. I can't stop!


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  1. Can't wait to meet my grand puppy too! She's adorable !