Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter: The good, the bad and the ugly

I have a love/hate relationship with Winter. On one hand I love snow and really enjoy winter sports. On the other hand I get the gd winter blues! 

Winter: The good
This past weekend we went on a ski weekend with a group of friends and colleagues of Kyle's which was a blast. It had been years since Kyle and I had dusted off our snowboards so we were a little rusty, but man do I love being out on a mountain. We spent the evenings in varying states of debauchery in the cabin and all of Saturday on the slopes. The weather was perfect for snowboarding/skiing with big, fat, fluffy snowflakes falling all day long. We had fresh powder on every trail, it was incredible, and so beautiful! The temperatures stayed in the single digits which made the chair lifts borderline unbearable, but it was still fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting back out there with my coworkers in a few weeks, and then again in early March for our family trip to Colorado. 

Fresh powder at Jack Frost

Another perk of winter? Winter beers! Cold weather brings spiced beers, pumpkin beers and my current favorite winter warmers. My two favorites this year are Sly Fox Christmas Ale and Shiner Cheer. 
Sly Fox Christmas Ale (Link) and Shiner Cheer (Link)

Winter: The bad
Kyle and I walk to work (when I go into the office) and moments after snow falls in the city it turns into brownish/grayish slush that you have to trudge through. It's gross and cold and makes me want to work from home. 

Gross city snow

Speaking of home, we live in a converted warehouse so we have really tall ceilings and a ton of space. This means in negative temperatures it is VERY expensive to heat. Cozy to cuddle and sleep in, but not so much fun to work in 10 layers.

For size comparison: just a casual game of cornhole in the living room

Winter: The ugly
Uh, the true negative of winter: The Winter Blues. These are hitting me hard this year! I'm not sure what it is: the weather, post-wedding, work stress? Could be everything, but it's no fun. I'm just finding myself down in the dumps and negative. Just blah. If you'd ask my husband he'd probably say I'm a little more 'irritable'. That's one way of putting it... I'd say bitchy. So I'm trying to come up with some ways I can get myself feeling a bit better and more positive.
  1. Buy new winter boots to make walking in the gross city snow a bit better. I went for these ones from Sorel. They are outrageous, but so much fun. Super warm of course, they'll be perfect for walking around the lodge in Colorado before I put on my snowboard boots.
  2. Make time for my husband. Whether it be cooking a meal together and spending time at home or going out to dinner to celebrate 4 months (!) of marriage. I feel like leading up to the wedding, the wedding and the honeymoon we got to spend so much time together and really enjoy each other. Now that we're back into routine it's a bit harder to spend quality time. I miss him! I'm thinking of putting together a date night jar like this one from Every Day Cheer.
  3. Dive head first into the house hunt. If only more would go on the market... We have made zero headway here and I'm finding myself getting frustrated with the pace. I know our house is out there but we haven't even been out to look at places recently because there is nothing that meets our (very minimal) requirements on the market. Our Realtor assures us people are waiting for Spring because people don't want to be house hunting when it's freezing. No freaking kidding, it's the worst. (There is some of that negativity I was mentioning)
  4. Make more time for myself. I haven't had my eyebrows or nails done in what seems like forever. It's getting a little 'bush man' over here.
  5. Leave work at work. My project is a little crazy at the moment, and I'm finding the stress and workload sneaking into my personal time and thoughts. I know things ebb and flow so it's understandable, but I need to let things go and enjoy activities when I'm not on the clock. I'm usually pretty good at this so it's not so much of a stretch.
Once Spring comes I know I'm going to be wishing for snow again, but that's how it goes! I'm looking forward to getting out on the mountain a few more times before the snow melts and the flowers come out. And I can't wait until they do!


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  1. I agree, the winter blues suck! I've had them worse than usual this year - probably because the weather here is so frigid we can't even enjoy the (three feet) of beautiful snow;). I think pampering yourself and refocusing on all the things that make you happy are a good foil to seasonal bitchiness (seriously, in our house date night is a cure all!). Don't worry so much about the house hunt, inventory will increase as the spring approaches and you will find your dream home. Only 8 weeks and 5 days 'till April!