Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Vacations: Medieval Times

One day between theme nights, we decided that we wanted to get out for dinner. With a six year old, this often represents a challenge since six year olds don't love sitting at a restaurant chit chatting for hours (a hobby in our family). Solution? Medieval Times!

Kyle and I are huge nerds and we love cheesy dinner theater. Bad food, big productions, watered down mixed drinks. Sign. me. up. 

Most of the family had never been to Medieval Times before including Zoe. It was set, we loaded up the cars, and headed off to cheer for our actor er knight. For the most part everyone got pretty into it. I mean, how can you not? Our gallant knight even threw Zo-zo a flower. Side note: she tends to get pretty distracted while eating but she was so engaged and ate every bit on her plate. Who knew the trick to kids improved appetite was Medieval play fighting?

A fun little interlude to all the themes. There is a similar show that features pirates that we will likely visit next year, in full costume no less.

Up next, Hollywood/Award night!


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