Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Vacation: Zombie Night!

Zombie night was, without a doubt, the most anticipated theme night of the week... for everyone except Zoe. She was a bit tentative about the whole idea.

She ended up getting pretty into it, but decided to pout instead of joining the family picture.

pout pout pout
It would be tough to say which team won for this night, the activity or the food team. Both were incredible! For the activities, we were each given a white t-shirt at the beginning of the week and supplies to 'Zombie-fy' the shirts. Supplies included red spray paint, 'zombie dirt', a lighter and anything else we could get our hands on. I think having a craft to prepare and being able to look forward to the night throughout the day made this theme so much fun. Everyone was able to take their own spin on zombie. Each shirt was different. 

Blue steel zombie?

My brother got a bit too lighter happy and ended up with just shreds of a shirt left. My mom had to win best outfit since she added a zombie hat and went so far as to run her shirt over with the car several times - dedication to the theme!

Rosie had purchased tons of make-up and we helped everyone apply. The effect was terrifying but soooo much fun. Did you know they make scar temporary tattoos? They're awesome.

In addition to the shirt decorating, the beach house was decked out for the theme. 

For activities we had a obstacle course and a Zombie crawl. 

Disney princess zombies are the best zombies

No man left behind

People got pretty into it... We even made a trip to the ice cream store in full costume! No one really knew what to think of us, but we were having a blast and didn't care.

What would you say if you saw these two walking down the street? 

For food, we had human remains. Ok, maybe we made it look like it with other food, but look how awesome it looks!

I mean, how cool! The base is spaghetti in a red sauce, sausages, ribs on top and spinach mixed in. The skull is an old Halloween decoration. Surprising thing? It was delicious! Seriously, awesome. I just love how it turned out.

This was such a fun night. One lesson for next year: have an activity or craft that people can work on during the day or leading up to the night. Everyone had so much fun with it.

Take me back!

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