Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Vacation: Award Night

Just as we did in 2013, this year we capped off the theme nights with an Award night! Last year each person was assigned another family member to give an award. This year, we decided to give teams awards and had each of the family vote using the always fabulous Survey Monkey. The survey also captured feedback on this year's planning and ideas for next year (Pirates, Slumber Party, NASCAR, and Family Olympics for our awards).

Signs for the door reminding everyone who was on what team
The awards all lined up
Table set-up
Right before we announced the winners, each member of the family was introduced and walked the red carpet to show off their outfits. 

The tennis shoes really makes it
She claimed to be an aging, bitter movie star

What an entrance!

Top hat ftw


The princess arrives

After the awards were all distributed, the victors sojourned to the porch before dinner for the family shots.

The stunning matriarch
God I love this crew
After a wonderful week it was nice to celebrate and get a little goofy. Ok, we spent the whole week being goofy, but still. Such a good week that it's August and I'm still writing about it. That or I need a life. Probably both. Until next time!

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