Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Vacation: Luau Night

Last year we had an Under the Sea theme night, and in an effort to reuse some stuff, we had a Luau night! 
Little grumpy gills was not in the mood for picture time

The food team put together a delicious dinner with pulled kalua pork with a slaw on Hawaiian rolls and tons of pineapple. We were shocked to discover the house was stocked with a crockpot, which make for super easy prep and clean-up.

 For activities, we had a hula hoop contest on the dock. We quickly discovered none of use could hula hoop, so it quickly turned into watching Zoe show us how it's done. 

Since hula hooping wasn't really a success, we decided it was the perfect time for a glow in the dark walk on the beach. We had purchased WAY to much glow in the dark stuff, so we were more than prepared. The best find were inflatable glow in the dark beach balls for dodgeball and soccer. So much fun.

Glow in the dark family pic!

Another fabulous theme night. Zoe loved this one!

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