Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The fastest week of the year...

That's really how it feels. We look forward to this week all year and then it's over! 

Every year, my whole family heads down to North Carolina for a week of beaching and relaxing. Several years ago, my niece starting joining us which necessitated a few changes. Namely, we have added in theme nights. We started theme nights last year with a fiesta, under the sea night, fourth of July and Hollywood night. You can read more about those themes here. Yes, we know we are super nerdy - deal with it.

This year we went with:

and a bonus Medieval Times night

Last year we had each couple responsible for one thing each night, which resulted in a lot of extra food. This year, we went with a team approach so three people were on the 'Food team' and three people were on the 'Activity and Decorations team' each night, with Zoe floating in between. This way everyone got to work with different people each night and they could coordinate ahead of time to reuse items from last year and reduce food waste. It worked out incredibly well. I could fill pages with each of these nights, so I figured I'd do a separate post on each. 

For now, here are a few pictures of the view from the beach house. Heaven on Earth.
View from our bed
The bay side offers the best sunset views
Proof that my dad went in the water this year
Our dock
Morning run on the beach (ignore my shadow..)
We were there the week after a hurricane hit so we had hit or miss weather
Dance lifts in the living room!
We've also decided on our themes for next year! 

Pirate night
Slumber Party
NASCAR night 
Family Olympics

Let the planning begin!


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