Monday, January 13, 2014

Fact: Food you don't have to cook tastes better.

Kyle and I are currently looking for a house as we are currently renting. This means that if all goes according to plan we will eventually have to fork over large sums of money. For two people who thought first and lasts month rent was daunting, you could say we're a bit nervous about this prospect (or inevitability, I suppose).

In order to make us feel a bit better about the fees, taxes, down payment, arm and leg that this will cost us, we are attempting to save money. Let me tell you, this is not our strong suit. We love to eat out and enjoy fancy craft beer and wine. We rarely say no to a shopping trip or a fancy brand coffee. We love our lifestyle! But boy is it expensive...

The best way for us to save money (and stay paleo): cook at home. We know this. Our rational minds tell us that this make sense. Our irrational, stress-ridden, hungry minds tell us to order pizza or go to the new BYOB down the street. Those minds are so much louder and more convincing (why yes, I would much prefer to have someone else cook while I sample the latest Marlborough county Sauvignon Blanc, thank you irrational mind!). 

Don't get me wrong, I actually love to cook. But I love to cook when I can do something fun and I have the time to devote to it. Not after a long day of work when we're both starving and a bit cranky and just want to eat something! Considering how desperate I am to find our dream house and STOP RENTING, I'm willing to give anything a try. Even cooking during the week.

So to inspire myself, here are a few paleo recipes that I've either tried or would like to try. 

Paleo Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry
Recipe Revisions: I used chicken rather then beef. My only issue with the paleo diet is the amount of red meat. Don't get me wrong, I love red meat, but I try to eat it sparingly. I also included more veggies then the recipe called for and used Almond flour instead of arrowroot (it's just what I had on hand).
Verdict: Not the fastest meal for during the week, but it was VERY tasty. Will definitely make this again.

Paleo Blueberry Muffins
Recipe Revisions: I followed the recipe pretty closely. I think I may have added more blueberries then what was called for.
Verdict: Quick and easy paleo breakfast!

Carrot Chips with Guacamole
Recipe Revisions: None. My guacamole was from whole foods though. 
Verdict: One of my favorite lunches for when I'm working from home.

Paleo Turkey Crockpot Chili
Recipe Revisions: None.  
Verdict: Another household favorite! will be making this one again.

Paleo Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken
Recipe Revisions: Haven't made this one yet, but I will probably use boneless skinless breasts as opposed to drumsticks. My husband is a baby about bones in his meat.
Verdict: TBD

Paleo Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken
Recipe Revisions: I made a TON of revisions to this recipe. For us, sweet potatoes are not paleo, so I do not include them in any recipe. I also used ground turkey instead of beef and avocado oil instead of the recommended bacon grease (seriously, they recommended bacon grease... Just because something is paleo doesn't mean it is healthy).
Verdict: It was essentially a completely different dish, but it was delicious! 

Paleo Turkey Club Wraps
Recipe Revisions: I can not master the lettuce wrap. They always fall apart or just do not look like the pictures. Oh well, I TRIED to follow this recipe to the letter.
Verdict: Perfect lunch. Skip the bacon if you're worried about fat or cholesterol. 

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Recipe Revisions: Haven't made this one yet! I will definitely use ground turkey and will skip the Greek yogurt and cheese (not paleo).
Verdict: TBD

Wish us luck! If all goes according to plan, we should be out of our apartment and into a home of our own by Spring! Hopefully with slimmer waistlines and improved health as well. :-) If all else fails, there is always a back up dinner:



  1. Mmmm, the jerk chicken looks great! I think I'll try it with boneless skinless chicken thighs (I find they hold up better in the crock pot) and see how it goes. Best of luck with the house hunt, there is nothing better than finding a home you can truly call your own :)

    Jen @

    1. I agree, that would be my substitution as well. Let me know how it goes!