Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nesting: Before

It is just so difficult to find time to blog these days! I'll try to get better now that we're almost settled. I say 'almost' settled because it really still feels like we're surrounded by boxes and excess crap. Anyways, we've officially been in the house for about three weeks and we're still really enjoying it. We hired movers which was a lifesaver, so all the big things are unpacked and the space is quite livable. 

What we immediately discovered is that we had too much stuff and not enough space for it. No problem right?! It's not like we are pack rats, we just had 2,000+ square feet worth of stuff and now only 1,500 square feet or so. HUGE adjustment. We've taken a few steps that are helping us figure it out:

  • If it's not useful or beautiful, it's gone. We're being ruthless.
  • CONTAINER STORE! Oh how I love thee. Every storage space, cabinet, drawer, closet is organized within an inch of it's life. Fabulous - and I wanted to do that anyway :-)
  • Kitchen Reno. Minor one. Our current kitchen only covers one wall with a peninsula island, leaving another wall just blank (the back wall is sliding glass doors to the patio). The plan is to add a narrow pantry with about three more feet of cabinets and counter space. I'm toying with the idea of an appliance garage. 
  • New Grill. Kyle was thrilled to pick out a small Weber for our tiny back space. Suited me just fine since it means he's pick up the cooking several days a week.
  • Functional new furniture. All of our new furniture will fit the space or have some extra place for storage. We just bought a day bed from Ikea that pulls out to a double bed AND has storage underneath. Score!

Now we're just in the nesting phase. Decorating, deciding on furniture and just loving our little home. We're loving our neighborhood and have just been thrilled with our decision to stay in the city. I thought I'd share the 'before' pictures of our house from when it was staged. To be fair, I might be stealing some of her design ideas! 

The main floor from the front door
Living Room

Kitchen from dining room (I loved her dining room set-up)
Love this white kitchen!
Basement: This will become Kyle's office and a media room. There is also a laundry room and powder room.
Guest bathroom. I love the marble and chandelier, perfect for Jacuzzi baths!
Guest room: This room will double as my office with the day bed I mentioned earlier. I'm doing mint and butter yellow in this room - nice and calming.
Upstairs hallway with skylight

Master bathroom

Master bedroom
As we finish various rooms I'll post the after pictures as well. Next step: paint and new furniture!


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