Monday, June 9, 2014

Guest Room/Office Inspiration

We are finally starting to make some progress on our house projects! I've decided to take it one room at a time and really design the room the way I want. The first room on the list is my office which will also double as a guest room. This weekend we painted the walls a beautiful mint color and purchased a day bed (see this post). The colors I'm going for are mint, white and coral. I'm thinking about throwing in a bit of navy or charcoal grey for some darker contrast. 

I'm trying to get my ideas together so I've put together a bit of an 'inspiration board':

I'm loving the color of the room. It's the perfect shade of mint. Next up on the project/purchase list:

  • White ruffled duvet set: I love how perfectly feminine and comfortable this duvet set is. It's very similar to the one we have in our master bedroom. Also, the previous owners left beautiful curtains that would match this perfectly.
  • Coral upholstered, tufted desk chair: This one from Ballard Designs is absolutely perfect! I just wish it was a tad bit cheaper. That's a lot of money for one chair...
  • Curtain tie-backs: Torn between this doorknob design and this floral design. They're both from Urban Outfitters which means the price is right!
  • The perfect lamp: I mean.. beautiful.
  • Behind the desk organization: I want this to be my go to space for everything. I'm thinking a pretty cork board, or magnetic backdrop. I love the picture above with the floating shelf over the desk. It makes the space look so cozy and organized, which I love.
  • A million throw pillows: Nothing makes a bed look more comfortable than a ton of fluffy pillows. I'm going to try to find all sorts of different designs with various colors. If I could find all of the ones in the picture above, I'd be a happy woman.
Once I've completed my office, we're moving on to the master bedroom, then the living room and finally the kitchen. I'm still trying to decide on a color scheme for these rooms, but that's half the fun!


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