Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zoe's 6th Birthday Weekend

Fair warning, this is going to be a very picture heavy post. 

I can't believe my niece turned six this year. I feel like it was just yesterday I was holding her as a tiny, red, screaming, colicky rug rat. Now she's a sassy, hilarious, energetic kiddo. Sassy being the understatement, you should hear some of the stuff the comes out of this kids mouth. (Coming home from my honeymoon she put her hands on my stomach and goes "Where is the baby?!" Oh my...) 

One of my favorite pictures of Zoe
For her birthday this year Kyle and I really wanted to have her come visit us in the city. She had been up to visit before and she really enjoyed it (and we enjoyed having her). 

Although, at age six, she really needed something to open on her actual birthday. A promise of a trip wasn't going to cut it. I rounded up all of poetry skills and design skills - turns out they are both lacking - and made her a book about the trip. 

She loved the book and her weekend in the city was so much fun. Lesson learned, however? It is very challenging having a child in the city! We're so used to it just being the two of us, it was difficult trying to get her from place to place. Funniest moment:
We passed a very intoxicated woman sitting on the street being consoled by a friend and Zoe (who was tired from walking around) said to us "Can I sit down too?" Ah!

Here is some of the 'book' we put together for her and pictures of each event (full book at the very bottom). PLEASE pardon my incredibly forced rhyme. This is not my forte. =)

The front and back cover of the book:

Train into the city

Taking in the view on the roof

Duck Tours around the city

Cab ride on the way over - she wanted to wear Uncle Kyle's mickey ears

We didn't get many pictures of the Duck Boats as she was a little nervous - as you can see

Much happier off the boat and quacking at every single passerby
Dinner at Max Brenner the Chocolate Man

On the way to dinner after a Starbucks run

The worlds largest Sundae 
3D movie night at the apartment

We told her she was only allowed to quack outside. It's the most annoying sound.

Pancake Breakfast

We had a wonderful (albeit stressful) time having Zoe stay with us. She said that she wants to do this every year for her birthday, which suits us just fine. A great weekend!


Full book:

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