Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow and An Almost Birthday

Finally home after a very busy weekend, and thought I'd do a quick post since we've got quite a busy week ahead and I may not get the opportunity. Two holiday parties, a movie premiere, housewarming party, a birthday redo and a sick husband! 

This weekend we had Kyle's sisters birthday on Saturday where we played laser tag (so fun) and had a nice dinner out and then my father's birthday on Sunday. Shortly after leaving the city on Sunday to head to my parents house we were caught in a crazy blizzard! In a matter of minutes the roads were treacherous and unfortunately we ended up getting in a bit of an accident. Everyone was OK, but unfortunately our car was not. We've spent most of Monday trying to get the car situation sorted out and figuring out how to get through the busy week without it. We've talked about getting rid of our car since living in the city we don't use it very often in favor of walking and public transit. Well, this experience has proved how difficult it is to get to and from the burbs without it - not fun.

Unfortunately, the weather and accident meant we had to put my dad's birthday celebration off until next Sunday. Hey, an extension of birthday season and more birthday cake isn't necessarily a bad thing!

I've already a shared a look into my Christmas obsession, but this weekend we discovered the source of my love for the holiday. My mom's decorating this year put ours to shame! She had a mini tree in every single bedroom and the whole house just felt so cozy and festive. With her permission, I wanted to share some pictures of her amazing decorations.

Starting to get pretty slick

Concentrating... right before the accident...

Seems like quite the obstacle

At least it's pretty

Using this opportunity to watch football and catch up on Christmas cards
This is the same design as the snowman we have at our apartment

I love that tree skirt!!
All of her glass ornaments are so unique and they all go together

All of her glass ornaments are so unique and they all go together
Even the moon gets festive =)
My mom makes all of our stockings and each one is different

Beautiful, right? Hopefully my dad's birthday celebration goes a bit more smoothly this week - accident free would be great!


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